‘Smart City’ Failures Dumped on Taxpayers

Via Activist Post

If there was ever any doubt as to whether or not the Smart Grid aspect of UN Agenda 21 is marching forward, recent developments in Boulder, Colorado should dispel such skepticism. Likewise, these developments should also make clear that so-called Smart technology is about much more than simply cost saving.

The relevant part of this story starts as far back as 2007 when Boulder entered into an agreement with Xcel Energy to enable the city to become the world?s first ?smart city.?

For those who are unaware of what the terms ?Smart Grid? and ?Smart City? refer to, the Smart Grid is essentially a computerized system that allows the monitoring and control over energy use from power the plant source to every appliance in the home. Smart Grid technology is a major part of UN Agenda 21, the United Nations plans to herd a drastically reduced population into ?human habitat areas,? meaning ultra-modern super cities with stack em? and pack em? dwelling structures and zero contact with nature and the outside world.

Smart Grid technology includes the infamous ?Smart Meter,? which is not only a Big Brother spy device that monitors the amount of power consumed in the household (even down to the specific devices using that power), but it is also linked to a variety of adverse health effects as a result of the frequencies they emit.

Regardless of these issues, however, Boulder is expected to become the model city for the rest of the world within the coming years. Yet, if the Agenda 21 connections and the adverse health effects were not enough to draw serious concern from the average taxpayer, the sheer cost of the project should at least be cause for opposition.

Indeed, the recent report released by the Denver Post is only one more example of how the average person who is to live as a prisoner under the coming system is eagerly paying for and building his own bars.

It is also a textbook example of the privatization of services that should be provided by governments in that the price tag for this venture as tabulated by Xcel Energy, the private company controlling Boulder?s power supply, has increased from $0 to $44.5 million with $27.9 million already being hoisted onto the backs of Colorado residents.

Forum for the Future, an organization funded by monolithic elitist banks and corporations like Royal Dutch Shell and Bank of America as well as the British government, floated the scenario in the video bellow as one of the proposals for their “Megacities on the move” project. The clip shows every facet of human behavior, from meat consumption, to car use, to career choices, regulated by a dictatorial technocracy. People who resist the state controlling every aspect of their existence will be forced to live in squalid ghettos while the rest of the population will be tightly controlled in high-tech prison cities. Every draconian idea in this scenario has been borrowed from historical dictatorships, but it’s all OK because it’s for the earth!

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