Guns, War and the Last Pope – End Time Info Podcast

In this podcast Joseph and Johnny discuss some important topics that have come to the front of most news channels.

The situation in the U.S. with the confiscation of guns, increasing number of drones watching the public and other problems.

What’s happening with Palestine and Israel?

And finally is there any significance in the resignation of the Pope?

Listen now:

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    1. Hi Sharky, thanks for the comment & glad you liked the Podcast. I checked out some of your video links & I was already aware that some people think Barack Obama is possibly the Antichrist! I don?t agree with that theory. I think Obama’s role as DR. Kissinger mentioned, when asked what he thought of Barack Obama as the USA president, he said he?s the perfect president to bring the USA into the New World Order. That is a big role to play, but I don?t think Obama is the Antichrist. If you get a chance & if you?re interested you can listen to the Podcast, ?Where Does the Antichrist Come From?? And the article,?Profile of a Despot?. This gives a profile of the characteristics of the Anitchrist.

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