Directed History: A Fact of Life?

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The news from the EU front becomes ever more bizarre. Last Wednesday, just before Angela Merkel flew to London to tell David Cameron how desperately she wants Britain to stay in the EU, she told the European Parliament: “Of course the European Commission will one day become a government, the European Council a second chamber and the European Parliament will have more powers ? but for now we have to focus on the euro and give people a little more time to come along.” In other words, the EU is still on track to become precisely that “government of Europe” that Jacques Delors was boasting about in 1989 (to which Mrs Thatcher famously responded “No, no, no”). ? UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: The universe grinds on. Things emerge without rhyme or reason. Life continues.

Free-Market Analysis: Here in this UK Telegraph news roundup we have several nuggets of incredibly important information.

The first, above, speaks to the issue of what the EU is intended to become. Angela Merkel suddenly explains what must be clear to anyone who has had the stomach to follow EU politics: It was created to become an empire.

“Of course the European Commission will one day become a government, the European Council a second chamber and the European Parliament will have more powers ? but for now we have to focus on the euro and give people a little more time to come along.”

What is amazing about Merkel’s comments is the precision with which she makes them. It is obvious that the EU political system was laid out with empire in mind decades ago.

We’ve written about this a number of times but it is worth re-emphasizing in light of the curious precision of Merkel’s comments. Here’s what we reported only a few days ago:

The EU’s ‘beneficial crisis’ has spun out of control … ‘Europe’ expected to be united through emergencies, but this one will tear it apart … As long ago as 1957, Jean Monnet ? who was the real organising genius behind the gradual building of “Europe” into a single, unified state ? suggested that it was only through monetary and economic union that the “political union which is the goal” could be achieved. “There are no premature ideas,” he wrote, “only opportunities for which we must learn to wait.”

By 1970, Monnet’s ideas were being fleshed out by the Werner report, which saw monetary union as the key step towards political union. But in 1978, another report for the European Commission, by Sir Donald McDougall, warned that it would be reckless to create a single currency unless Europe was first given an all-powerful government, with the power to tax, and to make a massive transfer of resources from the richer states to the poorer.

In the 1980s, though, that other great integrator Jacques Delors (second only to Monnet in his influence on the drive to European political union) decided to ignore the advice of McDougall and others and to launch the single currency without the suggested preconditions. To move straight to fiscal union, he knew, was not on the cards. But if the single currency was put in place first, it would create exactly the kind of strains which had been foreseen ? making fiscal union the only way out.

At the time, we called the EU exercise, especially the euro, “an exercise in cynicism.” The idea was to implement a currency union, we explained, “which would then collapse and usher in a full-fledged political union. First an economic calamity and then a political salvation … Hundreds of millions traded in their national currency for euros that were designed to fail. They were SUPPOSED to fail.”

We’ve made additional points regarding this issue, and we will repeat them because they offer a pattern that we believe is indisputable and confirms our analysis of directed history. Based on the above, we reaffirm our previous points regarding the manufactured nature of this “sovereign” crisis that no doubt EU backbenchers refer to quietly as an “opportunity.”

Why, in fact, was the emergent opportunity a sovereign crisis? Because that was easiest to control. It is the Way the World Works. The World Bank lends billions to corrupt governments and then the IMF follows along with its “austerity” ? higher taxes, lower services and benefits and privatization.

This is how the developing world experienced the twin cannons of Western control. The only slightly unusual part is that the World Bank/IMF strategy is now being applied to a first-world continent, Europe.

But should we be surprised? No. The strategies of authoritarianism are refined in the developing world ? where no one is supposed to notice before being rolled out in the West. Again, for the record, we repeat … and repeat: Western bankers are not idiots. Not ONE of those banking officials who made the decisions (certainly not at the top) expected immediate repayment.

In this world, the largest multinational banks are instruments of Money Power. They lent because they were told to lend. They lent as policy instruments of a power elite that EXPECTED multiple defaults and desired the current crisis as a way to generate a greater political union.

Read how Merkel puts it, how clearly she explains it. She seems to believe she has nothing to hide now. She is telling her people and the opposition that this was all planned long ago. It will proceed with a merciless advance, like an occupying army. This is surely the reason for her candor.

The billions lent in Portugal, Spain, Greece, etc. were ill-disguised bribes. Those who took the funds and then disbursed them work at the top levels of government. In Greece, for instance, a trial is taking place that pits a reporter against the Greek establishment. His crime: Revealing that many Greek politicians have secret Swiss bank accounts. See here: “Reporter Exposes Tax Evasion Among Greek Politicians, Targeted for Arrest.”

Of course they do. When a national politician in Europe is tempted to tell the Eurocrats to go to Hell, he is apt to be visited by some good, gray men who tell him clearly that he can either open a Swiss account to receive a bribe ? hush money ? or face obloquy and embarrassment in the mainstream press.

Education, politics, military facilities, think tanks, mainstream media ? every aspect of modern civilization has been taken over and bent toward this singular goal. The mechanism is directed history. The funding source is monopoly central banking. The strategy employed is mercantilism.

When it comes to what’s being revealed here, we want to make sure our readers (and gratifyingly there are hundreds of thousands now) understand that there is nothing mystifying about our paradigm. You can analyze elite actions, too.

We don’t have a crystal ball. We just have the determination ? like you ? to look at what’s going on without flinching or lying to ourselves to make things seem better than they are.

Conclusion: The great gift of the Internet Reformation is to allow us to see clearly … if we want to.

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