UN Summit: Transforming Your Kids into ?Climate Change Agents?

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Do your children (or grandchildren) have nightmares about the Earth melting or exploding due to human-caused global warming? Do they believe they have no future because our planet is dying, the icecaps and glaciers are melting, the sea levels are rising, islands and coastal areas are disappearing, polar bears and children are drowning, plant and animal species are rapidly going extinct, and extreme weather will soon make human life unbearable, if not impossible?

Frightening, not Enlightening

Fear of an impending Climate Apocalypse apparently afflicts millions of children and adolescents worldwide, according to news stories in the mainstream media over the past few years (see hereherehere, and here).

Psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, and parents report that many children are depressed and fearful, have difficulty sleeping, and believe it is pointless to study or plan a career, since there is little hope for a livable future. As a result, many are experiencing serious psychological and physical health issues. This should not surprise anyone, considering that hundreds of millions of students have been captive audiences for Al Gore?s ?documentary,? An Inconvenient Truth, (with many of them being subjected to multiple classroom showings) and other similar fare. After being continuously marinated in climate-change K-12 indoctrination in almost every subject area, it is little wonder that many kids suffer from depression and anxiety.

Classroom Child Abuse for a ?Higher Cause?

However, many children turn their global-warming angst into activism, becoming little climate warriors who will work tirelessly to convert their peers, their parents, and local and national political leaders into supporters of ?sustainable development.? And this, clearly, is what the proponents of ?climate change education? intend. Climate change education, they say, must be ?transformative? and turn young children and adolescents into ?climate change agents.?

That is the message being delivered by officials of UNICEF, UNESCO, and other UN agencies and NGOs at the UN Climate Conference currently underway (November 26-December 7) in Doha, Qatar. Stephanie Hodge, education program specialist for UNICEF, was interviewed at Doha by Climate Change TV, a UN-funded television network dedicated exclusively to propaganda about the global warming and the supposed solutions to this ?crisis? that can only be attained through UN-directed global action.

To help bring about this change and transformation, UNICEF, with help from its sister agency, UNESCO, has come up with a new curriculum guide, entitled, Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in the Education Sector: Resource Manual, which Hodge held up for viewers to see.

The UNICEF Resource Manual opens with this paragraph, which is sure to intensify any climatic stress already being felt by students:

?I am the present and the future. A victim of climate change, I live in a region that is constantly affected by disasters. Hurricanes and floods are my reality.?  ? Walter, a 12-year-old boy from Belize

Of course, ?Walter, a 12-year-old boy from Belize,? is almost certainly a fabrication of the curriculum developers at UNICEF. Or at least the words attributed to him have been crafted by adults. How many 12-year-old boys do you know who speak like that? Or 16-year-olds, for that matter? But in UN materials even 6-year-olds and illiterate aborigines speak profoundly and poignantly in perfect poetic cadence.

 ?Climate Change Agents?

A major (or the major) purpose of the Resource Manual, we are told on page 11, is ?to help children become agents of change.? The term ?agents of change? is used five times in the Manual. In addition, it twice refers to ?adolescents as climate change agents,? and describes ?the role of youth themselves as change agents in sustainable development.?

The glossary of the Manual provides this UN-approved definition of sustainable development: ?Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.?

Therein, of course, lies the rub. UN officials and bureaucrats will determine what ?meets the needs of the present? and what level of consumption constitutes ?compromising the ability of future generations.? And they have already stated, in numerous pronouncements and publications, that U.S. consumption and lifestyles ? energy, automobiles, single-family homes, food, travel, etc. ? are unsustainable. The even more extravagant lifestyles of the officials and their NGO choir that attend these profligate UN moveable feasts ? such as the current Doha conference? however, are considered ?sustainable.? Naturally.

The Manual declares:

Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction seek to manage uncertainty, reduce vulnerabilities and build resilience for communities at risk (see annex 1.1). Adaptation, by definition, will need to be derived from local solutions. The process can be similar across the education sector, but the outcomes must be specific, emphasizing an inclusive, bottom-up approach. Adaptation and risk reduction fall within the overall framework of sustainable development and should be viewed holistically through that lens. [Emphasis in original.]

But, back to the UNICEF Resource Manual, which tells us:

The ultimate goal of the resource manual is to ensure that all children may equitably exercise their educational and environmental rights in totality, as described in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). This goal includes increasing the number of children who are reached by the education sector and cultivating the knowledge, skills, values and ways of thinking that contribute to more sustainable and equitable development.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child referred to above is, of course, the same controversial treaty that American parents and the U.S. Senate have been opposing for decades, pointing out that accepting the principles enshrined therein will negate parental rights and ratify the collectivization of our children as property of the global state.

There is an interesting, self-indicting paragraph in the Manual, which if accepted in any sensible reading of the text, would prohibit the very programs the Manual proposes. It states:

In a protective framework, acknowledging that since children?s capacities are still evolving, they have rights to protection on the part of both parents and the State from exposure to activities likely to cause them harm. This framework imposes obligations on States parties to protect these rights.  [Emphasis in original.]

Very clearly, climate change indoctrination of the type being advocated by UNICEF is already doing immense harm to children. The articles we have linked to above quote a number of psychologists, psychotherapists, and counselors who attest to the unhealthy mental trauma children are experiencing as a result of global-warming propaganda overload. A much larger collection of sources, from studies and news reports worldwide can be accessed at Climate Lessons blogspot.

As the Manual states, children ?have rights to protection on the part of both parents and the State from exposure to activities likely to cause them harm.? Unless those words are emptied of all sensible meaning and twisted into something completely fraudulent, they acknowledge that children must be protected from the very activities that the Manual advocates, since said activities not only are ?likely to cause them harm,? but, manifestly, already are causing great harm.

The global-warming indoctrination frenzy of the past several years not only has caused psychological harm, but it has also negatively impacted academic achievement simply by robbing students of class time and study time that should be going to real science, as well as math, reading, history, etc.

Yes, UNESCO, UNICEF and the other would-be saviors of the earth demand ?drastic efforts? that inevitably involve the individual yielding his natural, God-given rights to self-government, while national governments yield their sovereignty and dissolve into a UN-run global government. Of course, the UN and its agencies have been able to propagate this long-running child-abuse scandal thanks to the massive funding they receive each year from the U.S. Congress and the executive branch agencies under the direction of the White House.

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  1. Correction*Sea Ice in the Antartic. The amount of ice in the Antartic was at the most extensive EVER just last month!

  2. Global Warming is a very bad JOKE! It is like the theory of evolution.In other words based upon zero real provable facts! As hundreds of well known scientists from NASA itself have said. I personally also take an interest in extensive Weather studies from varied sources. Over the past 15 years according to those really in the know, the average world temperature has NOT RISEN! In fact there are currently signs it is actually decreasing. There have also been RECORD low temperatures in the ANTARTIC, and just last month the amount of sea ice coverage in the Antartic was a record low! The winters in the northern hemisphere over the past 5 years have generally been getting much colder. The same is also true for the southern hemisphere.
    The Sun is unusually lacking in sunspot activity which is very odd, as we are currently in the Sun’s maximum part of it’s cicle, when it should be having lots of sunpots. Those in the know from many countries, say that unlike the GLOBAL WARMING propoganda, we are headed to much more severe winters, with more snow and ice being much more common than before. So wrap up well in the northern hemishere this winter and expect it to be very cold and snowy!

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