Gold Buying Panic In China: 10,000 People Wait In Line

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One day in the near future Americans will finally realize that their money is being devalued at a rapid pace. For the time being the price increases are somewhat muted by official announcements of inflation being under control at around 2% and purported economic recovery on the horizon. The Federal Reserve and the US government are doing everything in their power to maintain a perception of stability.

But what happens when all the machinations are proven to be fruitless during the next stock market crash and currency crisis?

That?s when people panic. That?s when they start mass selling assets that hold no true value, and shift their capital to physical goods that store and preserve wealth.

In China, where the central government has manipulated the currency, economic and financial markets for decades, the people have seen it all before. And they aren?t taking any chances.

While the paper price of gold and silver may have dropped nearly 25% this year, it?s clear that demand in the real world is soaring.

If you want to know what it?s going to look like in front of precious metals dealers when confidence in our government?s ability to manage this crisis is finally lost for good, then look no further than the streets of China.

The following pictures, taken in Jinan in the last 48 hours, depict some 10,000 Chinese citizens lining  up to buy physical gold, providing all the evidence you need for the argument that gold is, in fact, money.

These are absolutely stunning.

The pictures are reminiscent of Americans lining up around the block during the gold buying sprees of the 1980?s in an attempt to get their hands on physical gold and silver.

Just as is the case with food, guns, ammunition, Xboxes, and iPhones, when widespread demand strikes it?s nearly impossible to get your hands on the goods you need at a fair price.

Get yours now, before the panicked masses realize what has happened.

Images from Caixin via Zero Hedge

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  1. The only problem with buying gold is that during the 2nd World War governments made it illegal for citizens to have personal gold, and the military went house to house confiscating citizens’s gold, all in the name of defeating Nazi Germany. They will also come around to confiscate people’s survival, to make sure that the army has plenty.
    I think that we must all prepare physically with extra food, gold, silver, cash of several currencies, but most of all we must put our trust fairly and squarely in the Lord. He will help us to stay one jump ahead, if we take the time to listen to Him! Sure the Chinese governement don’t mind their cirtizens buying up lots of gold.With so many people bying up gold in China, you can be sure that the Chinese authorities have a nice long list of addresses of all of the buyers, and can collect it all back, when it suits their purpose, all in the name of the next big international Crisis or Financial Crash or perhaps World War III

    1. You’re absolutely right.
      The reason we watch the fate of gold is more because it is an indicator of other underlying factors and events. It’s okay to buy some if someone has some savings, but gold will not save us in times of real trouble, which are surely coming. Only the Lord can.

    2. Hi Peter, that?s a good point. In the 30?s the USA government also made it illegal to own gold & people had to turn it in, but they got about 20 USA Dollars an oz. At that time they didn?t confiscate the silver in the USA. Christian economist really like the silver & gold option along with food, water, etc. The verse that is used for gold & silver is in Daniel 11:43 But he (Antichrist) shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver?. So obviously gold & silver will be good thing to have as it will be backed by the coming world government & its eventual leader the antichrist. But of course as you mentioned, what if the world government decides to eventually confiscate it? That always a possibility! I was thinking the other day that besides the world government elite buying up the gold & silver as they have been doing, that the antichrist could eventually confiscate the gold & silver from the people & this combined gives him power over the gold & silver? We?ll have to wait & see how this plays out! Daniel 11:43 sounds like the Great Tribulation period & of course during that time it will all be a digital & a cashless society, where no man can buy or sell without the 666 mark of the beast in the right hand or forehead. (Revelation 13:16-18) At this stage in time I think it?s good to have some gold if you can afford it, but I think silver is a good investment and easier to barter & use to buy things, if paper currency totally collapses. Thanks for your comments Peter as they are right on & thanks for your personal communication awhile back. Keep in touch! Joseph Candel

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