Mainstream media halts accurate reporting on Japan?s worsening nuclear catastrophe

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(NaturalNews) Almost as if on cue, the mainstream media today halted nearly all accurate reporting of the worsening situation in Japan, writing off the whole thing as a “non issue.” This all happened in a seeming coordinate effort following President Obama’s speech on Wednesday that urged Americans to NOT prepare for anything. The American people, Obama insisted, should simply watch television to “stay informed.”

Shortly after, mainstream television news returned to its regularly-scheduled sports and entertainment programming, barely touching on the reality of the worsening situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.

Nuclear experts that were on mainstream news channels two days are now nowhere to be found today. Scary (but accurate) news stories about Fukushima have now been all but completely banned from the MSM. The word from the top is clearly that media outlets should start downplaying this nuclear accident, which even now ranks as the second worst nuclear accident in the history of human civilization (right after Chernobyl).

The Asian media, for its part, simply started fabricating completely fictitious news. The press in China and Taiwan, for example, reported last night that grid power had been restored to the Fukushima reactor #2 and that the entire disaster had now been completely averted. This was a total fabrication: The truth is that power plant workers were pulled out of the area before they could even connect grid power, due to rising levels of extremely dangerous radiation near the plant.

Even if grid power were restored to reactor #2, that would not help reactors #3 and #4, where the really dangerous plutonium MOX fuel is stored. It’s 2,000,000 times more toxic than enriched uranium.

And even if they could restore power to all the reactors, there’s no guarantee that the cooling pumps will even work there. They were very likely damaged in the explosions and may not be functioning at all.

Time to start lying to the people

What to do in such a crisis? If you’re the government, the important action is to just lie to the people as much as possible, telling them everything’s fine. Even Japan’s own political leaders are fed up with it. One Mayor of a Japanese province says his own government abandoned his people and lied to everyone.

In the United States, the nuclear power industry is now in total spin mode, trying to make sure people don’t question the future of nuclear power. General Electric, which manufactured the reactors in the Fukushima power plant, experienced huge stock losses over the last few days. Now, it seems the orders from the top are to tell people nuclear power is “still safe.” GE, of course, is a huge asset holder in NBC, one of the major media players in this whole charade. I very much doubt NBC openly discloses to its viewers that its news reporting may be entirely biased because it is largely owned by the very same corporate conglomerate that earns money from the construction of nuclear power plants.

Even the radiation reporting from U.S. authorities appears to be a whitewash, as detectors in the U.S. are only reporting radiation leaked days ago out of Japan, not the new radiation headed our way.

We are now witnessing the complete transition of this entire story from the “honest reporting” phase to the new “disinformation” phase which seeks to ensure that the people of the world have no real clue what’s going on in Fukushima. Don’t prepare. Don’t worry. Don’t think for yourself. Just do whatever the government tells you to do… which is right now nothing.

It’s an amazing plan, eh? Sadly, pretending that Fukushima is not a problem does not reverse the laws of nuclear physics at work there. If a massive cloud of radiation bursts into the atmosphere in the coming days, will they also pretend nothing happened? Will the American people be given no warning as a massive radiation cloud approaches?

We must now seriously begin to question the agenda of the Japanese and American governments in all this. Are they actually trying to get more people killed? If not, then why aren’t the people being advised to take prudent precautionary measures?

Here at NaturalNews, we urge everyone to get prepared, just in case. Have a preparedness kit. Have a plan. Get informed. Fuel up your vehicles. Boost your iodine intake. Be calm and prepared, folks, so that you don’t panic and become part of the problem when things go wrong.

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  1. “We must now seriously begin to question the agenda of the Japanese and American governments in all this. Are they actually trying to get more people killed?”

    The consensus among trained scientists is that the “laws of nuclear physics at work” mean the radiation is unlikely to be harmful to anyone. At present, the threat of serious harm to anyone outside of Fukushima Prefecture is effectively null. The danger to those within the prefecture is presently extremely minimal.

    “Why aren?t the people being advised to take prudent precautionary measures?”

    Because the panic-buying, looting and social upheaval caused by a false alarm result in far more damage than any but the worst catastrophes. If a few people take some precautions, so much the better for them. A government warning causes a run on necessities such as food and fuel as people stockpile, which can create shortage and crisis where there was none. Any government has a duty of care to its citizens, to protect them from such panics unless absolutely necessary.

    Never mind that most Americans are far more likely to be killed by obesity-related complications than all natural and man-made disasters put together.

    Right now, the fear has more to do with media hype and public perceptions based on sloppy science than any actual danger. These misconceptions are only reinforced by uninformed fear mongering articles like this one that do no one any good. You are currently in greater radiation danger from hospital x-rays and long distance flights than a hypothetical future cloud.

    “Will the American people be given no warning as a massive radiation cloud approaches?”

    Instead of worrying about yourselves and a hypothetical “massive cloud”, how about sparing a thought for the Japanese and the very real, very massive tsunami that wiped out so many lives and so many billions of dollars of infrastructure? Or does that not matter until the last little ripples reach America to dance along the canals and splash a few boats around?

    1. Being prepared is a bit different from being worried.

      And it’s not just “thoughts we spare for the Japanese” but we have many friends there actively involved in helping the victims, even though they themselves were seriously effected by the earthquake and tsunami.

      We hope our readers can receive and interpret facts presented here, instead of demanding filtering of unpleasant information, there are plenty of media outlets you can visit that do the filtering for you.

    2. I think the main purpose of this site is to give general information on certain signs of the times we’re living in. What I’m picking up from these articles is that generally those things are happening more and more frequently what Jesus talked about when asked: “what shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world?” He answered with some key points: “wars and rumours of wars (note:rumours), famines, pestilences and earthquakes” (Matthew 24.) I see these happening more and more. I think the point is general awareness, not the fine details of every single article.

  2. Very interesting. I did think it odd that with the situation as serious as it is in Japan, all the headlines suddenly switch to “all about Libya”. They’re still reporting about Japan, of course, but it’s not the “blow by blow” it has been.

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